The Mountain Top Experience


Last Sunday was the kind of Sunday every Pastor loves. There was a strong Spirit of worship in the room during every service. There was liberty to outwardly express praise to the Lord, the songs had powerful, stirring messages, and God seemed to speak mightily through His Word. It was a great way to end the "Powers" sermon series.

This Sunday I begin a brand new series that explores the act of worship. The series is simply entitled, Mountain Top. Everyone loves a "mountain top" experience. We've all had them. Vacation Bible School, Youth Camp, church revivals, etc. Mountain top experiences are those moments that God is so real to you that you can almost literally feel His presence. God shows up and reveals Himself in ways that stir the soul and encourage the heart.

You can’t have a mountain top experience without first climbing the mountain.
— Doug Chappelle

Have you ever noticed how many powerful encounters with God in the Bible were actually... on mountain tops? Think about it. Moses received the Ten Commandments on a mountain. Peter, James, and John had an incredible experience on the Mount of Transfiguration in Mark 9.

This series begins by taking a look at an extraordinary experience on Mount Moriah in Genesis 22. That is the place where God called on Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac. At first it did not feel like such a great experience, but God blessed, worship happened, and God was glorified.

You'll have to hear the rest of it on Sunday:) Would you pray about worship on Sunday? Would you spend time worshipping God in preparation for Sunday morning? Would you pray for your Pastor and Worship Leader? I believe God will honor that and pour Himself out on us in miraculous ways.

See you on the  Mountain Top!