Prepare to Worship

In part one of the Mountain Top Sermon Series I emphasized the importance of preparing to worship. Abraham, in Genesis 22, prepared for his worship experience on Mount Moriah by cutting firewood, gathering servants, packing the knife and fire source, and, of course, bringing Isaac. In addition, he had to make the journey from Beersheba to Moriah and make the climb up the mountain.

In contrast, what do we do to prepare for worship? Decide what to wear? Get the kids ready? Start the car? Sadly, most of our preparation on Sundays is not about worship. It has more to do with what we will do after church.

So, how do I prepare for worship this Sunday? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Start thinking and praying about it now. Long before Abraham met God on Mt. Moriah, he had to make the three day journey. That travel time is great for thinking, praying, and preparing for what is to come. Would you like to have a meaningful worship experience when we gather Sunday? Start anticipating and seeking now.
  2. Pray. Despite what we might think, Pastor's and Worship leaders do not "plan" worship. It happens as a result of earnest seeking and praying. What should you pray for? Pray for God to reveal Himself. Pray for your own heart and mind to be open and ready. Pray for the preacher. The sermon is always better when you pray for your preacher.
  3. Remove any obstacles. Sin, carnality, and a hardened heart are strong barriers that can hinder and impede worship. A mind that has not been renewed (Romans 12:1) will not be the mind of Christ. The will that has not been surrendered will not be the will to obey the commands, call, and correction of Christ.
  4. Show up with expectation (Psalm 5:3). Look up to God and expect Him to do just what He promised. He is ready and already at work all around us. If we seek Him, we will find Him, if we seek Him with our whole hearts!

Like Abraham, you have a couple days journey (at least as of this writing) until we gather again for worship. You could just wait and show up at 8:30 or 11:00 Sunday and see what happens. Or, you could make the most of the journey and begin praying and preparing.

See you on the Mountain Top