Dry Spell


New Sermon Series Begins Sunday November 5, 2017

It happens. Despite our best efforts and intentions, sometimes it seems everything just goes wrong. Often, our life in Christ seems to lose its zest and power (at least it seems to us). Prayers seem to go nowhere. Sometimes, we do not even know what to pray. All of a sudden that abundant life promised to us by Jesus doesn't seem so abundant.

How does this happen? How is it I can cry out to God and get nothing but prolonged silence? What happens to make prayers seem unanswered, God's will seem indiscernible, and God's Word seem so confusing? That is what the next sermon series is all about. It is simply entitled, DRY SPELL.

DRY SPELL explores the scriptures to find hope and help in dealing with such times. Together we will discover causes to Spiritual dry spells, and seek God's help in finding our way back.

Throughout the four week series we will examine the following common causes of Spiritual dry spells. The weekly titles are below:

Week 1 - Finding My Way Back: When Spiritual drought is caused by wandering away.

Week 2 - Finding My Way Out: When Spiritual drought is caused by sin.

Week 3 - Finding My Way Up: When Spiritual drought is caused by failure.

Week 4 - Finding My Way Over: When Spiritual drought is caused by obstacles.

Join us each week for worship, inspiration, and encouragement. Nobody is perfect, but that does not mean we have to settle for less than the abundant life Christ promised.

See you Sunday!