As the name indicates, our desire is to help you develop a life of praise.  Jesus said, in Matthew 22:37 and 38, that the greatest commandment in the entire Word of God is to love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.  We want to help believers express that love through worship, and to equip them to lead others to worship as well.  Recognizing that God has created all of us with different abilities, interests, and talents, we have developed a number of different avenues to both express our love for God and lead others to do so.

Our worship times lean heavily toward worship and praise.  The participants are encouraged to participate through singing as the band and choir lead.  We also have times that we worship through the leadership of special solos, ensembles, choirs, or instrumental praise.  We try to emphasize that these are not times to be entertained.  These are times that we are pointed to God and allow Him to speak to us through the music.  We have a very large variety of music that is used in our worship services.  It is not uncommon to have southern gospel, contemporary Christian, spirituals, and even reggae in a worship service.  We are all different, having different musical preferences as well as different backgrounds and we feel that our praise music should reflect and celebrate those differences.

The largest musical group that we have is the worship choir.  This is a choir composed of adults and helps lead our 11:00 service on Sunday mornings.  This is a non-auditioned group that performs almost every week.  In addition to their weekly duties, they also have special services throughout the year such as Christmas, Easter, or a patriotic service.  If you are interested in this group, they rehearse every Wednesday night at 6:30 in our choir room.  We enjoy a wonderful time of fellowship and worship even in our rehearsals.  We also have a Sr. Adult choir (age 55 and up) that meets on Thursdays.  Look for our SeniorLife section on this website for more information.

Another musical opportunity for instrumentalists is our adult praise band.  This is an auditioned group that leads in both Sunday morning services as well as evening services.  This group currently consists of a pianist, keyboard player, rhythm guitar player, lead guitar player, acoustic guitar player, bass player, and a drummer.  They stay fairly busy with their weekly duties, but also help with extra events such as Tailgate Sunday, Married Life Live, and Christmas programs.  This group practices every Thursday at 5:30.  They also have special rehearsals when needed for extra events.  If you are interested in participating in this group, please contact Bill Lee for more information.

Another band that we have is our youth praise band.  They lead worship every Wednesday evening in our youth worship times as well as twice each month in our church-wide worship services.  This group is composed entirely of youth and they rehearse each Wednesday evening as well as twice each month on Sunday evenings.  If this group is one you might like to participate, please talk to BJ Parson as this is an auditioned group.


We have many opportunities for our children to lead in worship as well!  The first Sunday morning of each month at 11:00 we have a worship time for parents and children in grades 1-6 in our Family Life Center.  This time is called Green Street and is a fast-paced hour filled with drama, music, teaching, and dance.  It is multi-media and high energy!  This worship time is led by all ages: adults, youth, and children.  A special group that the children are involved in is called "Foot Praise," and meets each Sunday evening at 5:00 in the choir room.  There are more opportunities for children to participate in this ministry.  Please see the children's area on our website or speak to Michelle Knuckles, our children's minister.  In addition to our Kids Stuff ministry, we also have special times for our children's choirs to meet.  These are not on-going and meet only when a children's choir event is coming up.

In addition to all these, we also have temporary classes/choirs that meet throughout the year.  We have offered voice classes as well as guitar classes at different times.  These are free of charge and open to all ages from youth to adults.  If you are interested in these, please see Bill Lee for times and dates.  

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