Thelma Baptist Church is a fellowship of Christ-followers with a rich history of serving the surrounding area. For nearly one hundred years TBC has been a vital part of the Wallsboro community.

We are not a perfect church. We are a body of real people with real struggles who depend upon God's real grace for salvation and daily provision. Read on to learn more about TBC. If you have questions, feel free to inquire at

Our Church

We Are A Southern Baptist Church: We are affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention and have beliefs consistent with the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message. We cooperate with the SBC by participating in the Cooperative Program, an effort convention wide to pool resources for the purpose of funding missionary work, domestic and abroad, for reaching people everywhere with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Although we are affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, we are completely autonomous in the governing of our church. The SBC provides resources and support, but the vision and direction for ministry within our community comes from God's work among folks in our congregation.

Our Culture:

Thelma Baptist is a multigenerational church made up of a good representation of most all age groups. Within the fellowship one would find preschoolers, children, youth, young adults, married adults, adults with children, middle adults, and senior adults. Our belief is that God is the Lord for every generation and that everyone benefits from spending time in fellowship with other age groups. Everyone has values and contributes to the Kingdom ministry Everyone has much to learn, and much to give.

Our Values:

Jesus said the most important commandments are to love God with heart, soul. mind, and strength; and to love one's neighbor as oneself. Essentially, we are to love God and love people. Every ministry and activity of TBC comes from a desire to make much of Jesus Christ, reveal His glory, and share the good new of the gospel of salvation.  We accomplish that by loving people through fellowship, worshipping together, and serving the needs of our community.