Taking The Next Step

So, you have been visiting TBC for awhile now? Hopefully you have found your experience pleasant and meaningful in your Spiritual journey. As you begin to feel more and more at home, you may feel it is time to formally identify with us as a church member. If so, we are excited about the prospect of having you as part of the TBC family. It is our prayer that throughout your time as a member of Thelma Baptist Church you will grow in your relationship with Christ, deepen in your relationships with the church family, and brighten in your passion for sharing the gospel with the surrounding community.

Why Church Membership?

First of all, if you have trusted Jesus Christ for salvation you are already a member of the overall body of Christ. We are talking about membership as it relates to a committed, formal relationship with Thelma Baptist Church. Here are a few reasons for church membership:

  • Membership Unifies the body of Christ around commonly held beliefs, doctrines, and practices. In other words, it is a great expression of agreement concerning our view of scripture, the gospel, and our mission.
  • Membership Connects individuals to the body of Christ. Quite simply, we need one another. There is no better way to find like minded fellowship, support, and accountability than through membership in a local congregation of the body of Christ.
  • Membership Supports the work of the ministry. We have a mission to accomplish in this world. It is our scriptural duty to bring the gospel of salvation through Christ to the community around us. Individually we may be able to accomplish some pretty good things, but together we can change the world.

Ways to Join

  • By Letter - A simple transfer of membership from one Southern Baptist Church to another
  • By Statement - For those professing faith in Jesus Christ from a different church background.
  • By Profession of Faith And Baptism - For those new to church life. You have trusted Jesus Christ for salvation and join the church based on that experience.