Now You Can Donate Online!

For added convenience, it is now possible to donate to Thelma Baptist Church online. Simply follow the instructions below to set up your account and start giving from the convenience of your home computer, or mobile device.


During the month of September 2019, Thelma Baptist Church is in the process of changing online giving service providers. We are changing from Subsplash Giving (our current provider for the last couple of years) to Kindrid. There are no problems with either service, but Kindrid offers some needed features unavailable with Subsplash.

Please log in to your current (Subsplash) online giving account HERE and discontinue any recurring donations you have set up.

The button below is setup with our new online giving provider (Kindrid). When you click the link you may set up new log in credentials and continue your giving to Thelma Baptist Church. We apologize for the inconvenience and really appreciate your faithfulness to give.

Why Online Giving?

People are becoming more and more connected and dependent on the internet these days. Most homes have at least one computer (usually several) and internet access. Many are already banking and paying bills online. A lot of people use financial software programs such as Quicken, or online tools for financial management like Mint. All of these make managing our financial lives much more convenient. Why not add that flexibility and convenience to tithing? For most there are at least a few occasions throughout the year that attending on Sunday isn't possible, so this feature makes it possible to continue supporting the ministry and being faithful to scripture when that happens.

Is It Safe?

Like your bank, the company that provides the online donation service for TBC takes strong precautions for the security of your data by using encryption. The name of the company is Kindrid Giving. Many churches and non-profit organizations are using this service safely and securely.

What Forms Of Payment Are Acceptable?

You may donate using a Debit Card, a Check Card, Visa, or Mastercard. Note: Thelma Baptist Church does not encourage the use of credit cards.

How Do I Get Started Giving Online?

Click the button at the top of the page, or click here. The window that opens will lead you through the process of securely setting up an account by establishing a user name and password. Simply follow the online instructions for donating through the TBC website.